Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water Damage Seattle - Our First Post

We decided to get our business online and to start marketing our Water Damage Repair business. Just like any small business operation, getting a lot of exposure to potential customers is highly important. Google provides a great platform for any business both small or large to compete on a level playing field, its up to the business to market themselves.

So here is our first post, introducing Water Damage Seattle for everyone who may be looking for a professional company to help salvage and repair water damage caused by flooding, rain, broken water pipes, frozen water pipes and even water damage caused by firefighters putting out a house fire.

We know that problems happen in life that are out of our control including fires. When a fire strikes, the water damage after the fire can be just as bad as the fire itself. Not only do you have to worry about structure damage and structure integrity, but you also have to worry about water damage and even mold issues in the near future.

Living in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain every year. Most of the rain seems to come during the fall and spring of each year. With this rain comes the issues of mold. Don't confuse mildew with mold. Mildew is what you see outside, mold is what you see inside. The 'mold' around your bathroom window is just a very wet mold and can cause health issues if left unattended.

Our company, Water Damage Seattle wants to be your one stop shop for all your water, flood and mold issues. We also offer emergency response for the times when you need us the most. Our goal is to help you during a stressful and testing time. Don't let your water damage issues ruin your life, your home or business, or your belonging. We are here to service all residents within the Seattle, Washington area.

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